About Me

IMG_9158Hi! My name is Tilden and like my name, I love to be a little different. With a name like mine and a 5’0 frame paired with a 6’0 personality*,  it’s not too difficult to stand out. Wearing big earrings doesn’t hurt either.

As a 20-something living in a lifestyle-blog saturated world, how do you write content that stands out? This has been my dilemma, and to be honest, a hurdle I was scared to jump. Thankfully, Finally The Day happened.

Finally The Day represents taking a leap of faith and ripping the bandaid off. Rather than thinking about or planning to chase your dreams, you just have to start. Every great work began as a work in progress. No one’s first step is exceptionally strong or graceful, but each subsequent step becomes more confident. Eventually you’re able to walk, run, skip and jump.

My dream is to produce content that stirs conversation and creates unlikely connections. I hope you feel encouraged, uplifted and stretched by the content you read here. Let’s begin a conversation and see where it takes us!

*6’0 personality is almost entirely inherited from my ginormous family – I’m adopted and my family is SO TALL. I learned early on how to make myself seen and heard from way down by their kneecaps. Adoption is obviously a huge part of my story, but it’s also a topic that I love bringing into conversation because it’s not talked about enough.

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